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Supporting and encouraging children to be unique

Here at Playwise our friendly qualified staff teach skills for life through play, in a happy, safe environment filled with lots of fun.

Playwise acknowledges the importance of parental involvement within the setting. As parents, we recognise you as your child’s primary educators and carers. The information you hold about your child is paramount for us to extend on your child’s learning. It will be through your observation of your child and by sharing that information with us that we will gain knowledge about your child’s interests, likes or dislikes and be able to use these details within our planning.

Before your child starts they are appointed a key person.

A key person is specifically responsible for a small group of children and will build positive relationships with the parents of those children This will allow the Key Person to ascertain starting points for your child’s Tapestry Online Learning Journey and to build a special bond and to make them feel safe and secure within the environment, it will also give the parents the opportunity to build a partnership with someone who is fully committed to their child’s well-being.

We take children from the age of 6 months old.


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